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"Fun online game with a small download!"

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  • 7.0
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While the simple graphics are probably not to everyone's taste the game-play is still good. You have to choose 1 of 3 weapons. (rifle,shotgun or assault rifle) each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Note that once you choose your weapon if you try to change your weapon again during combat you will instantly die!(that's life i guess)

Like Jon Riggall said the actual game can go on forever and can seem somewhat futile.

  • Small download that can work on even very old computers
  • Uses little bandwidth
  • build your own fortress but watch out
  • Can also play LAN games but with extra ~30MB download (PYSPADES)
  • If you die on some servers you might have to wait 20 seconds before respawning!
  • some games lasts forever!

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05 May 2012

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